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Commissioning Services

Owner's Process

Commissioning is what is commonly referred to as an "owners process," and is most often associated with the construction of new buildings. It is a process that the owner of the structure decides to utilize, in order to ensure that their needs are being met, and that they're receiving the highest quality structure possible. Path Forward Consulting LLC acts on behalf of the owners of the build process and develops a strategy for commissioning (often referred to as CxP services). 

Developing and implementing a commissioning plan is a time-proven method for: 

  • Allowing the owners of the structure to have a say in the quality of their build.

  • Reducing or altogether avoiding rework and associated lost time & money.

  • Finding problems when they are "small," and in-stride with development as opposed to after the structure has been constructed / occupied. 

  • Reducing the amount of "call-back" or warranty work that must be performed on building systems. 

  • Having a functioning, maintainable facility at project completion and not after months / years of fine tuning.    


Although the commissioning process can begin at any point along a project lifecycle, it's always best if it begins before construction. In fact, proper commissioning requires the process to begin in what is often referred to as the pre-design phase of the project.  

Let's Talk

Path Forward Consulting LLC would love to speak to you about your commissioning needs in greater detail, as well as provide insight into how we follow the CxP process, and the value that we can add to your upcoming / existing build. 

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